8 byte integer version of pardiso

8 byte integer version of pardiso

Dear users of pardiso,

I found in MKL reference manual that argument pt(64) must be defined as INTEGER*8 for 64-bit architectures. What about other integer type parameters? Is the present version supporting 8 byte integers? Thanks,


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If we are talking about Pardiso, then 2 options:

for ILP64 interface all integer types are INTEGER*8,

but for LP64 interface not, all integer types are 4 bytes

as an example, please look at $MKLROOT/examples/solver/source/pardiso_sym_c.c

you can see there:

#if defined(MKL_ILP64)

#define MKL_INT long long


#define MKL_INT int


More info about LP64 and ILP64 interfaces concepts you can find into MKL User Guide ( see Chapter 3, Support for ILP64 Programming )


Note that some Intel MKL functions ( not Pardiso ) and subroutines have scalar or array parameters of

type INTEGER*4 or INTEGER(KIND=4), which are always 4-byte, regardless of whether the

code is compiled with the /4I8 option.


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