Conflict with PGI threads on Linux

Conflict with PGI threads on Linux

Hello everybody,

I am trying to link MKLwith my Fortran/C application whichpartly based onthreaded precompiled PGI libraries. Platform is EMT64t. The sequential version works fine,the multithreaded on 1 proc runs well too. When I use more than 1 processor, the PGI part fails due to some conflicts between threads within PGI part. I tried both libiomp5.a and, the result was the same.

Here is my linking keys for MKL -lmkl_solver -lmkl_lapack -lmkl_em64t -lguide -lpthread (linker pgf90)

In this documentI found that MKL is supposed to have a special library for PGI threads, namely libmkl_pgi_thread.a, but it wasnot included in distributable mediafor the latest release of MKL. Would you please tell how I could get it? Maybe there is an alternative workaround.

I will appreciate any feedback.

Kind regards,


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Check the beta version of MKL offered at the top of the forum. I have seen the pgi_thread library in another version of the beta.

Thank you, Tim. Indeed, I found the library in the beta version. I linked against it, but the problem is persistent. I also found through ldd that that myprogram still depends on (and on which Ifind strange... Maybe it is because there is no separate layer from PGI compiler in contrast to one for gfortran?

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