Which lib should I use

Which lib should I use


I'm writing a simple program using Visual Sudio 2005 C++ and the MKL but I'm simply unable to compile it. My program is using the sine function but the compiler gives me the error:

Error1error C3861: 'vdSin': identifier not found

Here's my code:

int n; //Number of element

double* angle;

double* result;

printf("***** Test Intel Sine Function *****


*angle = 23;


printf("Sine result of sin(%d) : %d


I think I'm not including the proper lib file. How do I know which function goes with which library file?

Thank you.

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Ok, I found the error.

My order of includes had an influence:

Before it was#include "mkl_vml.h"

#include "stdafx.h"

And now it is the opposite, #include "stdafx.h" first.

Then I add the proper library as dependencies.

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