Calling VML from Fortran

Calling VML from Fortran


I'm trying to call some VML functions from Intel Fortran 10.1; the program seems to link all right, but when I come to any VML call I get an unhandled exception. I can't think how to begin to debug this...

Some details: I'm running IVF with MKL 10.0.2. As I have a couple of different modules that want to make use of the VML, I have created a module within my program which consists of simply:

module MKL

include ''

end module MKL that any module wanting to use anyVML functions can simple say 'use MKL' in its definitions. My application compiles and links without error, though it does give three warnings along the way to the effect of :

C:Program FilesIntelMKL10.0.2.019ia32libmkl_c.lib : warning LNK4003: invalid library format; library ignored

...but it's always done this, even before I tried incorporating MKL functions into my program.

At runtime,even the most trivial call to the VML, for example


...(where oldvmlmode has been declared as an integer) is enough to provoke the error message:

Access violation reading location 0x00000000.

The most recent entry on the call stack after the latter example is:

Numerics.dll!_mkl_vml_core_ax_vml_GetMode() + 0xd bytes

(where Numerics.dll is the name of my application, which is being called by a MATLAB program). Needless to say I'm baffled by this, and can't even think what to do next in the way of debugging it. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

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