Whither MKL77_LAPACK module?

Whither MKL77_LAPACK module?

Why is the MKL77_LAPACK module missing from MKL

Is it also missing from MKL

Little wonder that the so called MKL_LAPACK95 interface crashes on use: a search through the source folder reveals that of 937 files there some 380 of them require MKL77_LAPACK.


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To use MKL_LAPACK95 interfaces you need to run examples/lapack95 first.

As a result, the required library and a respective .mod file will be built and installed in the standard catalog of the release.

Then you can USE MKL_LAPACK95 statement in you application. See MKL10.0.1.015docuserguide.pdf, Ch.7, Fortran 90 Interfaces and Wrappers to LAPACK and BLAS section for details. See examples/lapack95/source/*.f90 also.

MKL77_LAPACK is auxiliary module and used only to build LAPACK95 interfaces. Nevertheless, you can build this module manually:

ifort -c

dir *.mod

mkl77_lapack.mod mkl77_lapack1.mod

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Thanks for the clear answer. After I read the makefile as encouraged by Steve Lionel on the IVF forum I saw the light. Ibuilt the blas95 and lapack95 interfaces but still lapack's getrf generates an Access Violation as I previously reported. The problem was correctly solved using one of the interval solvers in MKL. Ironicallyit was announced here recently that the interval arithmetic suite is to be pulled in a futurerelease of the library. Piff.


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