Intel MKL 10.0 Update 1

Intel MKL 10.0 Update 1

Intel MKL 10.0 Update 1 was released back in December and I've seen a number of posts where it's being used, but I noticed that we didn't post an announcement. Intel MKL 10.0 introduces...

  • Out-of-core (OOC) PARDISO

    • Fixed config file loading problems associated with "The file pardiso_ooc.cfg was not opened" error message.
    • Fixed a bug associated with operation of the solver when iparm(60)=1.
  • The Poisson Library Routines described in Chapter 13, "Partial Differential Equations", of the Intel MKL Reference Manual are now included. These routines were absent in version 10.0
  • LAPACK bug fixes:
    • All versions of the *STEDC have been improved to get proper scaling in cases of parallel operation.
    • The Fortran 95 interface to the LAPACK Divide and Conquer Eigenproblem solver functions have been fixed. Previously various combinations of input parameters would cause segfault.

We try to release updates fairly regularly to fix bugs, and release the latest performance improvements. Sorry for the late notice. You should see another update coming soon...


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