Circular correlation

Circular correlation

How to switch from default "liner" to "circular" kind

of correlation?

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I'm using windows version of the lib.

According to mkl.chm,

table "Convolution and Correlation Task Parameters",

parameter "int kind"

"Specifies whether the task relates to computing linear or circular convolution/correlation"

Please, tell me how to change this parameter!?

(doubling of input is not quite convenient :) )

I think, vslsConvNewTask/vslsCorrNewTask functions shoul help you.


vslsConvNewTask(task, mode, dims, xshape, yshape, zshape);

Where mode is for "whether the convolution/correlation computation should be done via Fourier transforms, or by a direct method, or by automatically choosing between the two"

No "kind" mentioned again.

I spoke with conv/corr developers and they said what circuitconv/corr not supported now.


Removing those few lines from the documentation would save me a lot of time... :(

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