MKL v10.0.1 & OpenCV

MKL v10.0.1 & OpenCV


I have just
installed the last evaluation versions of the MKL & IPP libraries (MKL
v10.0.1 & IPP v5.3.1) on my windows to make some tests with OpenCV (v1.0).
After looking the performance of my program I notice that it runs no faster than
without the libraries. When I try the same program with an old version of this libraries my program runs dramatically faster than without MKL and IPP. So my
question is: Is there a problem of compatibility between OpenCV and last
version of MKL & IPP libraries?

Thanks !


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You're more likely to find an expert on OpenCV on that project's own help forum. As you're no doubt aware, MKL changed its link commands with the most recent version, so, depending on your point of view, you could call that an incompatibility. One of the points of open source projects is that you have the tools to deal with such updates. I don't see how anyone can go far with the lack of specifics in your question.

Sorry for the lack of specifics in my question but I have not realy more informations about my problem.I only know that MKL dll are loaded when my OpenCV program is launched.
I have already asked my question on OpenCV forum but nobody has answered me.
So I have an other question which can resolved the problem : if I bought "Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition for Windows", am I able to generate MKL & IPP dll of an old version ?

I will be at your disposal for giving you all the informations you will

Thank you.


I'm not quite sure what you are suggesting in your last post. We really can't guarentee that mixing bits of different versions of MKL together will work if that is what you're suggesting.

I'm not sure what the problem might be and short of submitting some kind of test case or more specifics to premier support I don't expect we'll be able to diagnose the problem.


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