Certain CBLAS functions crash

Certain CBLAS functions crash


I am trying to make MKL 9.0 run in Visual Studio 2005.

I have the following code fragment :

nt main(void)


int n=1;

MKL_Complex8 a;

MKL_Complex8 *b=new MKL_Complex8[1];


MKL_Complex8 *c=new MKL_Complex8[1];

int* indx=new int[1];


cblas_caxpyi(n, &a, b, indx, c);

int X=1;

double* pX=new double[2];


int incY=1;

int incX=1;

double* pY=new double[2];

pY[0]=3; pY[1]=4;

cblas_dcopy(X , pX, incX, pY, incY);


The code compiled, the first call does not crash, while the second crashes.

I was linking the following lib files : mkl_c_dll.lib libguide40.lib

The system I was running : P4 (2.8GHz), 512 MB RAM ( free : ~150 MB at the time of computation )

Any help is appreciated.


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