Wrappers for MKL Vector Math Library?

Wrappers for MKL Vector Math Library?

Hi all,

I want to use the Intel MKL VML, but there is only support for vectorized functions, no support for common vector operations, such as dot-product, scalar-vector product, vector-vector element-wise product/division, double-scalar-complex-vector product, etc.

I just felt it is highly unnatural to program using a lot of loops myself to do the above operations. For example, in preparation of using the vectorized functions(complex), my arguments have to be prepared, and I start from real constants, and scalars, and after several operations, they are then ready to feed into the vectorized functions. But these programming procedures are highly unnatural and much like assembly luaguage type...

Any wrappers that can facilitate the vectorized operations in addition to the vector functions?


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