undefined symbol dlasr_lvb undefined symbol dlasr_lvb

I'm trying to compile a Fortran mex-file in Matlab that uses MKL with the Fortran 95 interfaces. I'm running on a Linux machine and I'm using the em64t versions of the dynamic MKL libraries.

I can get the mex-file to compile and link without any errors. The problem is at run time.

TheLAPACK routine that the mex-file calls isMGESV. At run time I get the error:

/opt/intel/mkl/9.1/lib/em64t/ undefined symbol dlasr_lvb

My link line(using g++) has the libraries in the following order:

-lmkl_lapack95 -lmkl_blas95 -lmkl_lapack -lmkl -lvml -lguide -lpthread -lm

If I try linking against the static libraries I get a seg fault at run time.

I'm not sure if the above is enough information for anybody to help.



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