LAPACK's Auxiliary Routines

LAPACK's Auxiliary Routines

Hi all,

I have been trying to find a way to link to LAPACK's auxiliary routines that are included in MKL, but neither my google search nor a search in the MKL documentation has shown me the way. I would appreciate it if anyone who has successfully linked to the included auxiliary routines tell me what are the linking flags and the respective USE commands (in fortran) than I should use to link to such library.



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LAPACK's auxiliary routines are included in libmkl_lapack32.a (static) or An example to linkis:

ifort myprog.f -l $MKLPATH -lmkl_lapack -lmkl_ia32 -libguide.lib -pthread

Did you create the Fortran 95 interfaces in interfaces/lapack95?

On Windows open a command line window (e.g. the Intel Visual Fortran Build Environment command window) and navigate to the interfaceslapack95 subdirectory in the MKL hierarchy. Type nmake PLAT=win32 lib. You may need to build the BLAS95 interface first.

The next step is to include the interface directory in the include search path for the compiler and the linker. You can then say "USE mkl_lapack" in your Fortran code. Make sure you include the libraries in your linker (e.g. mkl_lapack95.lib mkl_c.lib libguide.lib)

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