Beginer with MKL having basic problems....Please help

Beginer with MKL having basic problems....Please help

1. I am not able to include the header files "mkl.h" or "omp.h" in my application in VC++ 6.0.
I have added in the settings of VC++ as explained below:
Project--> Settings--> Link tab--> Category drop-down menu, "Input" selected.
Object/Library module section: "mkl_cv.lib" added [Note: mkl_s.lib is not added. Is it required to add that also?]
In Additional Library Path section, the default install location "C:Program FilesIntelMKL8.1.1ia32lib is added.

Any other settings to be changed/added for proper functioning of MKL in VC++?

2. Without including "mkl.h", I was able to execute the function zdotc(&c,&n,a,&inca,b,&incb); //DOT PRODUCT OF CONJUGATED VECTOR WITH ANOTHER VECTOR

3. Now I need to do operation on Matrix Multiplication.
I amnot able to execute the functions, dgemm() or cblas_dgemm()

For function cblas_dgemm(), the first variable is CblasRowMajor. I am not getting any help for these variables to pass. Can you suggest me from where I can get for all functions? In the installed Intel MKL Document Index, I am not finding much explanations about the functions.

Can you please forward me a executing code to call cblas_dgemm() function from VC++.
Since I have only started using MKL libraries, if you can provide me such assistances, it will be of great help.

Thanks and Regards

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mkl_s.lib is intended only for projects which use the CVF Fortran compiler. No doubt, its symbols might conflict with your project. I don't know what you mean by "not able to include headers." It is true that you can get by without them, but that is the style of 20 years ago. If you accepted the MKL install option to set environment variables, you should not even have to specify the MKL include path in your project.
I am not expert in cblas, but any of the public references might help, since this is not specific to Intel.


Still I am not able to use MKL libraries
When ever I am using mkl functions, I am geeting link errors.
Even when I am including the mkl heder files, I am getting link errors.
I have downloaded the evaluation version only.
Is it possible to use mkl functions using evaluation version.
To buy MKL licenced version, how much is the cost?
Is there any training available for MKL in Bangalore, India.



Please include mkl_ia32.lib (if you are linking for the 32 bit application) and libguide.lib in your link line.

You can use all the functions using eval version. Please refer the mklman.pdf file located in your /doc/ directory which has extensive documentation on all the functions and parameters.

You can get the pricing info from the below URL.

I am an MKL Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel based in Bangalore. Please give your details, we can arrange a training.

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