redistribute mkl

redistribute mkl

Dear sir,

I am working in a company developping a finite element code using a home made linear system solver. We recently bought a single-user license of the mkl to benefit from the performances of the BLAS included in this library. After carefully reading the EULA, I understood that we can redistribute the libraries used by our home made solver, as these ones are redistributables, as part of our product. However , I would need one more precision regarding one particular situation.

Actually, external developpers may enrich the finite element code by creating new finite elements modules or modifying parts of the finite element code sources (not all of them can be modifyied. For example, the sources files related to the home made solver cannot be accessed). To enable these people to do so, we provide them with a "developpement plateform", including all the objects (.o), required to build the code. Once the creations/modifications are achieved, the created or modified source files are compiled and linked against the rest of the code which can be regarded as a package or a collection of libraries. In our case, this would include the mkl.

I would like to know if we can redistribute the mkl in such a "developpement plateform" as it can be considered as part of our application (related to the portion whose sources cannot be modified).


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