CVF linking problems

CVF linking problems

I have been trying to link MKL library to my Compaq Visual Fortran ver. 6.6 project.

I tried pardiso_sym_f.f and dss_sym_f90.f90. When I add any of them to a new project and try to build the project, I always get linker errors "Unresolverd external symbols"

The documentation in the MKL library doesn't make it clear on how to use the library. I mean if I was using the intel compiler from the visual studio .Net 2003 or using Compaq compiler from the developer studio what exactly should I do to make the attached examples work ?

Should certain libraries be added to the "Object/Library Modules" for certain examples to work or it is a unique set that will make all examples work?

Is there any other setting other than adding the libraries?

I had spent a while trying to solve this problem but I can't find really any solution.

I would really appreciate it if someone could give "How to" instructions to make a CVF project that can compile and run the examples pardiso_sym_f.f, and dss_sym_f90.f90

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