dgetrs --> problem

dgetrs --> problem

Hi, im a newbie trying to use LAPACK dgetrs routine for solving system of linear eqns. the following code generates error code LNK2019. i cant decide whetherim calling the routine with wrong parameter or there is a linking problem. any help is appreciated..

real(8) A(2,2),B(2),ipiv(2)

integer info

A(1,1) = 13.0d0

A(1,2) = 6.0d0

A(2,1) = 3.0d0

A(2,2) = 8.0d0

B(1) = 2.0d0

B(2) = 5.0d0

info = 0

call dgetrs('N', 2, 1, A, 1, ipiv, B, 1, info)

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