How to link MKL BLAS and CVF?

How to link MKL BLAS and CVF?

Please, could anybody explain how can I link MKL BLAS 2 routine to my projectin CVF6.6c? DoI need only to specify the static libraries in /ia32? Why in this case the linker messages an error "unresolved external symbol _MKL_DCOOMV@56"? I start wondering if anyone hasever used MKL libraries connected to CVF project...

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As you don't show any information on what you did, no one will be able to explain what's wrong. The mkl_s_ libraries are built specifically for CVF. It seems strange to me to wonder whether anyone ever used them.

Tim, I'vegot the answerin"compiler" forum.Ihad just to name the libraries mkl_s_dll.lib and libguide.lib in "object/module files" in addition to specification of these libraries paths.

Sorry, I didn't understand you about my wondering. I have a CVF compiler which can be optimized for AMD i have, and I wantmake use ofMKL BLAS 2routines as they arebetter adopted to deal with spase problems in comparison withIMSL. That's why Iuse MKL "connected" to CVF.

Thank you.

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