Matlab converter?

Matlab converter?

Are there any code converters for Matlab and MKL C-code?
Mostly, for converting from Matlab to C-code.


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MATCOM may convert matlab (.m) file into C program, but it sometimes fails to complete it.

If you have a older version of matlab (prior to R13), yes you can use matlab compiler to convert matlab codes to "c" .... but due to its limited sucess it seems this feature has been discontinued in the newer verisons. You may like to check it on mathworks or kluid ( a respected matlab forum.

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Thought this link might me useful for some users.

Its about converting matlab to c , I found it on kluid (

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thanks for the software.........

It seems that there are two questions here, or am I wrong? There are no converters for MKL, but large parts of it are available in source code, such as the BLAS and LAPACK. I am not terribly conversant in MATLAB usage, but believe that there is a way to generate C code from your MATLAB program.


Thanks for the information. I found Matlabs communications toolbox of perticular interest. Saved me lot of time.

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