Optimum processor for MKL / level 3 blass cgemm

Optimum processor for MKL / level 3 blass cgemm

What is the optimum cost effective Intel processor / motherboard to get good MKL performance for level III blas cgemm for matrix sizes in the range of 500 x 500?

Am quite confused as to relative merits of single / dual core, Pentium vs Xenon, 32 vs 64 bit, HT on / off, cache size, etc. for MKL blas 3 performance.

Hardware costs should stay below $4k. The app is LU factoring100,000 unknowns block wise which will also require fast disk IO, thus a MB with SATA II / Raid 0 will be required.

This will be a Fortran 95 (CVF or IVF)code under Win XP.


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Dual core clearly improves performance per dollar of parallel applications; that should not be confusing.
Pentium: 1 package per motherboard (2 cores max)
Xeon: > 1 package per motherboard
64-bit mode mainly gives you more addressing and larger arrays; only a small performance improvement where the same application works either way. Were you considering a 32-bit only platform?
HT isn't likely to give a performance improvement in MKL, particularly not in Windows.

The app will most likely be 32 bit for now, Win XP. That said, is there any benifit to using Linux for MKL orfor disk IO?

How does a single package dual core pentium compare to two Xenon's on a work station board (same clock, cache, etc .) ?

Does cache size make much difference for level 3 cgemm blas?


The answer to the disk I/O question depends on several factors. With Windows supporting RAID disk controllers on fancier Pentium D systems, it should do as well as linux.
In my experience, single package dual core performs as well as dual single core Xeon, when the CPU and bus clock rates are close.
I can't answer your specific question about cache. In general, MKL is well optimized to work with the cache present on any of the targeted Intel CPUs.

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