set environmental variables

set environmental variables

I install Intel Math Kernel Library8.0.1 but I can't set variabel true
becuse of I can't run program with fortran 95 but I haven't any problem by fortran 77 and I can't run example of MKL.

I used intel fortran compilerand ubuntu linux.

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I'm afraid I don't understand the question. What environment variable are you trying to set? And why?



I haven't any problem when I use the old f77 interface calls to LAPACK routines but after I built blas95 and lapack95 when I use lapack95 routines I can't compile it .I run my program with

ifort myprog.f -L$MKLPATH -lmkl_lapack95 -lmkl_lapack -lmkl_ia32 -lguide -lpthread

and I set MKLPATH="/opt/intel/mkl/8.0.1/lib/32"

gives the following error

undefined reference to `sgeev'

I think my problem is about set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment because of I don't know any thing about it.

Versions: ifort 9.0 , mkl 8.0.1. Platform: Linux, IA-32.

Thanks for your comments in advance.

Hi,I think you need to have "use mkl95_lapack" operator in your program.Compile "mkl_lapack.f90" file (find in the MKL include directory) before to obtain .mod file.-Vladimir (Intel employee)


How did you manage to install mkl on UBUNTU? I have Dapper beta release and I have troubles!

I succeed installing ifort compiler 9.0. But I used the steps described on the HOW TO
rather than the only INTEL script (because it did not work).

BUT now, I am not able to install the mkl 8.0.2 library because the "" script seems not to be sufficient either.

Do I have to use the same steps described on the HOW TO ?
So do I have to modify the csh script make9?
I do not masterize csh script!

I would be very glad if somebody could tell me how to do?


Hello,I had similar problem installing MKL on Debian. I was able to solve them by first installing rpm, then initializing the rpm database (rpm --initdb) and finally by installing the rpms manually with command:rpm -U --replacefiles --nodeps -h intel-mkl-8.1p-14.i386.rpmHope this helps.Dmitry

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