Math Kernel Library installation problem.

Math Kernel Library installation problem.

My linux box is redhat 2.1 AS, Itanium2, Linux kernel 2.4.18.

I want toinstall mkl library.I have a valid license file and root password.

WhenI entered collect license file's path during installation,I saw "installation is complete" message.

But mkl didn't installed.

I don't know whatmakes problem. How can I install MKL?

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Premier Support is a good place to report this sort of problem. -Todd

For my installations of linux mkl version 8.0.1, I had to run the script
in the unpacked directory. I don't see posted which steps were taken.

For me

# install/install
install/install: stat: command not found
Error: Cannot extract "installdata" file into "/tmp/install_temp.db306df444d7228843b6b65e19064ba9" directory

I have no idea. Help me. :smileysad:

stat not found looks like a problem with the linux installation.
Do you have permission to create files in /tmp and enough available space?

I have permission to /tmp and enough space. And Iinstalled fully installation of

redhat. ButI thinkyou are right.

Maybe some components aremissing. ButI still don't know what makes


Shall I install my redhat box again?

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