how to integrate fft functions for fixed pt application on SA1110

how to integrate fft functions for fixed pt application on SA1110

hello all,

I am new to this forum, i have downloaded the Intel Math Kernel Library's evaluation version and installed in my pc. I have seen the example fft files, all are having float or double datatype inputs. but i want to integrate the fft with my fixed pt application which will run on SA1110-iPAQ machine.Can any of u help me to solve this problem.

Actually problem is very simple, i need to integrate the fft function with my application which has inputs of fixed pt formats and it will run on SA1110 based iPAQ. ( My appln is in c language).

Thanks in advance,
Sasikumar Rangasamy

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Intel MKL do not support SA1110 processor. Intel IPPlibrariessupported SA1110 before. Butthat should be very old version.


Thanks for ur reply. eventhough Intel MKL doesn't have support for SA1110, how to i can integrate this fft's with any fixed pt processors, whether i need to enable any macro. can u give some example code which uses fft for fixed pt applications.

And i have one more problem, i have download the Intel Software Developer suite for C++ application. By using this IDE can i able to compile my application to SA1110 processors. if so, can u tell me the Built Options to set on compiler.

And How can we profile(Benchmark) our application by using this Intel SDT , is it possible, if not how we can do the benchmarking our appln on XScale processors.

Thanks in advance,

Sasikumar Rangasamy

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