T distribution

T distribution

Hello, I am a trial user of windows MKL 8.0. I am very surprised that there is no T-distribution? In fact I don't see any distribution with DOF such as Chi squared? Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Also the library I think needs to be more user friendly with HTML help.From a company like intel, i would expect higher qualitydocumentation and user friendliness akin toa microsoft API.

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Thank you for your question and feedback on MKL functionality and its documentation.
We consider possible ways of the library features expansion, which could essentially extend usability of the library in various statistical problems and Monte Carlo simulations.Thus, we have a counter-question to you:

Why are you so surprised not seeing t and chi-2 distribution RNGs in the library?
Does the availability of these functions really critical (e.g. performance critical) for your purposes?

We also need to better understand what your specific concerns about documentation are. How do you measure friendliness? We understand that the preference #1 is html. What else?


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