How does MKL floating license work?

How does MKL floating license work?

As subject. Compile/Run time? With a retention period? I'm trying to size an order.

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I don't quite understand your questions. I do want to assure you (in case it is one of your questions) that no compile or run-time license checking is done.


If I buy part number MKL080LFAE005 (MKL 8.0 for Linux Floating 5 Seat Pack Email) then as I understand what you are saying, there is no checking to see that the users do not take more than 5 floating licenses at the same time. The system relies entirely on trust, and users will never get locked out, regardless of how many actually use the libraries. Could you confirm that - it's not what I expected!

Believe it or not, it's true. We rely on the honor system. We explored the option of using run-time checking, but did not want to risk that this checking could result in problems in the end-user app.

So currently we provide floating licenses in conjunction with floating licenses of the Intel compilers and do only install time checking (which really doesn't make use of floating licenses).


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