OMP threading

OMP threading


We are using only a selected few routines from Intel MKL such as dgemm, daxpy, ddot, dgemv, etc. For all the other blas/lapack routines we compile and link in the actual lapack/blas routines. My questions are as follows:

(i) Is dgemm, daxpy, ddot or dgemv parallelized ?
(ii) Do I need to use the full suite of Intel MKL routines to take advantage of parallelism in a select few routines?

By the way, we are using Intel MKL 7.2


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Why use MKL for some functions, but not for others? I'm curious.

DGEMM is certainly parallized. The other functions from Levels 1 and 2 of the BLAS are not parallelized.


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