Linking problem with Openssl

Linking problem with Openssl

I have an application running on SuSE 9.0 that uses Openssl and MKL It runs fine with the 32-bit version. However, when using the em64t version of MKL, the application will only run if it is linked dynamically. Every attempt to link the MKL statically wil cause a segmentation fault when the code makes a call to Openssl. Has anyone seen such a problem? Any information or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Ed - This is strange and I haven't the slightest idea what is going on. As the technical manager of MKL I am interested in anything you might discover about this but haven't any suggestions as to why this is happening or how to diagnose the problem. --Bruce


I should have posted after I found the problem. I apologize.

There is nothing wrong with MKL; It was a make file issue. The Openssl libraries must be linked dynamically, but we needed the MKL to be linked statically. In the make file, the Linux threads library was included in the static section.That was what caused the problem. Unfortunately, this went undetected, because the application ran fine on 32-bit Linux. I have no idea why this worked work on 32-bit systems, but I was happy to have found the problem.

Thanks for your concern. I apologize again for not closing this off.


And thanks so much for clearing up this puzzle. --Bruce

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