Possible issue for multiple static linking

Possible issue for multiple static linking

Hi Forum:I am wondering if anyone experience issue with a program with multiple DLLs, each is statically linked with MKL?--Rich LeeKLA-Tencor

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If you have multiple links against static OpenMP library, you can expect difficulty.  You should see the run-time error about multiple instances of OpenMP.  Defaults are set such that this shouldn't happen by accident.
Static linking would inflate the size of the .dll and might lead to run-time issues with MKL load time or memory consumption.

Is their the possiblity of adding API for Static Linkingg

we were using sequential version. Namely,For both A.dll and B.dll we statically linked with mkl_intel_c.lib mkl_sequential.lib mkl_core.libThen in our application, we first use A.dll to perform some mkl operations. Later we use B.dll to use mkl functionality again. In some cases, in using B.dll, we get a dll initialization exception. restarting application (without using the part that will load A.dll) resolved the problem.  That makes me thinking there are some MKL initialization which can only be executed once in the same application. I resolved it by making both A.dll and B.dll using SDL (mkl_rt.dll).  

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