Exceptions thrown in MKL

Exceptions thrown in MKL


I'm having a problem with exceptions in MKL: I wrote some code that will calculate the eigenspace of a matrix.
With small matrices it works fine and the results are correct, but when I am trying larger matrices (approximatly 4000 by 4000 double entrys) the program terminates with an uncaught exception thrown somewhere in dsytrd.

I would like to catch this exception and give the user some feedback (like "out of memory"), but I don't know what to catch - I am catching std::exception but that doesn't help. The exception that's thrown by MKL always passes to the catch (...) clause and there I cannot tell the user anything detailed about what happened.

Is there some documentation I missed that describes what kind of exceptions are thrown by MKL?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi, Sebastian,

we don't throw any exceptions from DSYTRD by ourselves, it's probably caused by some memory management problem. Could you try to set the environment variable MKL_DISABLE_FAST_MM to 1 before starting your application?

Also, could you tellwhich version of MKL you're using, whichprocessor andOS, how much memory you have?


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