Linking mkl721 with fortran on windows(ifort8.1)

Linking mkl721 with fortran on windows(ifort8.1)

Been using mkl without problems on linux (cluster).

Now need to compile a few programs on windows.
I'm using blas and lapack, can't find much in the documents on what I need to do to link the programs with mkl.

For the most simple program:

Keep getting unresolved external symbol _DGEMV

Do I need to use a use statement for mkl on windows ?

ifort8.1 is installed , mkl7.21 eval is installed
both in default locations. Have rebooted since installing.

been trying

ifort -o test1000.exe test.f90 /link mkl_lapack libguide /libpath:c:program filesintelmkl721ia32lib

tried with and without the .lib extensions

But keep getting the same message as above.

Using ifort with vc++ 2003 toolkit on commandline,
there is nothing in your docs on using this combination.

Also for opernmp and mkl do I need to do anything more than add
/Qopenmp on the commandline ?

Thank you
Alex Gibson

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If you accept the suggestion during MKL installation, the library path is set up for you in the environment variables. If you require /link, it should follow all the file specifications. USE would be for checking your calls at compile time, same as in linux. /Qopenmp works the same as -openmp in linux; it will take care of linking libguide. I don't see that vc++ 2003 toolkit makes any difference in how you link, other than the possibility of missing libraries.

Working after uninstalling cvf and disabling microsoft antispyware.

antispyware program keeps detecting the compiler and the enironment variables bat file as trojans.

Took care of the library problem when I installed ifort a while back by copying the missing ones from cvf/visual studio.

Also helps if using the right version of the library.
mkl_c.lib or mkl_s.lib


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