LAPACK auxiliary routines

LAPACK auxiliary routines

I am wondering shouldn't LAPACK's auxiliary routines be included in the library since it's part of LAPACK routines? When I try calling, for example, slagge for generating a random matrix, I received the error of "reference undefined".

In the library package, there is a example folder for lapack routines. I found a library libaux_ipf_intel.a that apparently have some auxiliary routines, but no documentation were found on stating which of the routines are included since even when i include this .a file, i still receive the same error message.

In summary, my concern is shouldn't the auxiliary routine be included in the Math Kernel Library? If not, then libaux_ipf_intel.a inside the lapack example should certainly include some, but what are those "some" routines that are included? Thanks!


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I'll answer part of your question. The best place to find out which auxiliary routines are added is to look in the reference manual in the doc directory. You'll find in section 5 a complete list of the functions that are included. You'll also notice that slagge is not present.

Submitting a feature request at your best bet for having the auxiliary functions you need included in the future.


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