MKL 7.2 with AMD Athlon processor

MKL 7.2 with AMD Athlon processor


I would like to know if Intel MKL 7.2 is optimized for AMD athlon processor (32 bit windows XP) machines too.If you got any comments please let me know how the performance would be affected when the following takes place :

MKL 7.2 -> Used in C++ project (FFT module) -> Run on AMD processor

Thanks in advance,

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We changed how we dispatch code to non-Intel processors with MKL 7.2.1 so you would likely get better performance wiht that update version. One of the limitations in dispatching code, especially for the 64-bit OS versions of non-Intel processors was the unavailability of SSE3 instructions, which our most agressively optimized code used. But we have resolved that and now dispatch much more effective code for all processors.

We will continue to evaluate performance on competitor's processors to assure that good perfomrance is available on them when used with MKL. Where performance is poor, we will address those deficiencies.


Thanks Bruce.It was sufficient information.

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