: undefined reference to `vmldSinCos2'

: undefined reference to `vmldSinCos2'


I am trying to compile an electronic band structure program on p4-ifc-linux.

I have installed mkl 7.2.1, and fftw 3.0.1.
Below is the entry in the Makefile that include BLAS:

BLAS=-L/opt/intel/mkl721/lib/32 -lmkl_p4 -lguide

And this is the line that include FFT3D:

FFT3D = fftw3d.o fft3dlib.o /usr/lib/libfftw3.a

I encounter the following link error:

paw.o(.text+0x8338): In function `paw_mp_augsym_noncol_':
: undefined reference to `vmldSin2'
paw.o(.text+0x834f): In function `paw_mp_augsym_noncol_':
: undefined reference to `vmldSin2'
fft3dlib.o(.text+0x4e6c): In function `ftrigc_':
: undefined reference to `vmldSinCos2'
fft3dlib.o(.text+0x4fcf): In function `ftrigr_':
: undefined reference to `vmldSinCos2'
fft3dlib.o(.text+0x5181): In function `ftrigr_':
: undefined reference to `vmldSinCos2'
make: *** [vasp] Error 1

Any advice to fix this error will be highly appreciated.

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If you compile with -xW (or similar), you should
also link with this option.

Hey guys,

did you intend this thread for the compiler forum?


This looks like a problem associated with FFTW and not MKL despite the similarity in the names of the undefined functions to vml functions.

I am not familiar with the details of using FFTW so cannot comment on this.

The one thing you can do to assure that this is indeed a FFTW issue and not MKL is to comment out either the BLAS calls or the FFTW calls and try to rebuild the program to isolate where the problem is.


vmldSinCos2 comes from Intel compiler's vecotorizer (specifically from libsvml.a runtime library). Linking libsvml.awith the applicationmight help.

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