BLOCK_SIZE in vdRngLognormal

BLOCK_SIZE in vdRngLognormal

I am new to using IMKL. I will be primarily using in for running numerical simulations. In trying to understand how to use MKL I was programming in an example from Sergey Maidanov's paper Monte Carlo Options Pricing Using Various Industry Library Solutions, which I got from the Intel web site. In this paper for MKL he uses a variable called BLOCK_SIZE when he sets up his call to vdRngLognormal. He doesn't doesn't give a value for BLOCK_SIZE nor does he give any explanation on how to determine what it should be. Is the value for BLOCK_SIZE that will give the best performance dependent on the machine the code is run on, or the BRNG that is called for the random numbers?

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The only reason to block is to use cache more effectively. You want a blocksize large enough that the VSL performance approaches the asymptotic performance for the function (see but is not so large that there is cache thrashing.

As the performance reference shows, vectors of about 1K in length give you a substantial percentage of the ultimate performance for the various random number generators.


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