MKL 8.0 beta coming

MKL 8.0 beta coming

MKL 8.0 beta will be available soon - May 12, to be exact. This version of the library has many new functions and, as many of you have come to expect, some performance enhancements. Here is a list of some of the new functionality:

  1. Sparse level 2 and level 3 BLAS
  2. Sparse iterative solver
  3. Correlation/convolution functions
  4. Interval arithmetic basic functions (+,-,*,/) as well as solvers
  5. Additional basic random number generator (Mersenne Twister)
  6. The integer functionality of GMP, Gnu MultiPrecision. The interface is consistent with GMP but the implementation is uniquely MKL
  7. Cluster version of the FFT
  8. F95 interfaces to LAPACK

Some of the performance enhancements include:

  1. Superb LU performance in ScaLAPACK. Performance is very close to that of MP LINPACK and quite insensitive to blocking, unlike the Netlib code.
  2. Performnance improvements of 30% and more on 2D FFTs larger than 512x512 on EM64T processors
  3. DSTEQR performance improved by up to 100% plus threading with good scaling.

The beta period will be short - only 30 days. We need you to try out the new functionality and provide feedback on how well the software works.



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Hi Bruce,
Will this version include the new pardiso solver version 1.2.3?
Best regards,


Unfortunately we are not yet ready to include the later Pardiso code in the beta. But we are working towards getting that code and as soon as possible will make it available to our customers.



I am not yet a customer. I am waiting for this version of the solver to be included in order to buy the library. Do you know when it willbe included (an estimated date would be great)?

Thanks for your reply,


If all goes well, we will have this in the 8.0 Gold release in September of this year.


WillMKL 8 supportreal 3d DFT's?

should be soon, how do we get the beta trial? I want to play with it at home on my 64 bit athalon & .net

Real 3D FFTs will not be available until the Gold release of MKL 8.0, which is currently slated for September.


How do I get the MKL 8.0 beta?



If you are currently a subscriber to MKL, you will receive a notice about 8.0 beta and will be able to download it from

Hope you give it a whirl. There's lots of new and interesting software in the package.


Thebeta versions of Intel MKL 8.0 and Intel Cluster MKLare now available. View the release notes andenrollvia the link under the highlights section on the main product websites:

Intel MKL:
Intel Cluster MKL:


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What's this 8.0 Gold you're talking about? Is that some more expensive version of the MKL library that I'm going to have to upgrade to from 7.2?


"gold" probably refers to full availability of 8.0. You should have the option to upgrade at no cost, within the term of your current license.

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