How can I just get a simple uniform random generator?

How can I just get a simple uniform random generator?

I don't know many about the random generator, and I just want to get a uniform random generator within 0 to 1, just like the button 'Rnd' on some calculators. I haven't tested some subroutines provided by MKL, but unfortunately, it didn't work yet, mostly caused by the fact that I didn't know what's seed or stream. Could andbody help me? Just telling me the name of the subroutine and usage will be apprciated enough.

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The MKL random number generators create vectors of random numbers. The idea behind them is that creating 1000 random numbers can be done more efficiently than creating 1 random number at a time 1000 times.

There are a number of uniform random number generators with different characteristics in various data formats - bit, integer, single and double precision.

The seed is simply a starting point. If you use the same seed you will get the same sequence of numbers.

A stream is in fact a descriptor which can be used numerous times. Once a stream has been created you can create a vector of random numbers. There is a quite clear description how to do this in the VSLNotes. Essentially the process is to create a stream and then call the random number generator.


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