mklcluster 7.2.1, mpich & icc 8.1

mklcluster 7.2.1, mpich & icc 8.1

I seem to have run into some issues with the latest mkl(cluster) library, mpich 1.2.6 and icc 8.1. A large job just sits there, and does not start and it looks like there are some incompatibilities between mpic and icc (the latest icc will not compile the fortran part of mpich 1.2.6. Has anyone else run into this?

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You leave a lot of loose ends in your question. It looks like MKL is only a peripheral part of the problem. Does this mean you are trying to use g77 together with icc and MKL? Trying to call MKL from g77? What is the advantage of trying to build mpich that way? We often build it with gcc and ifort. Intel MPI comes already built, is a derivative of mpich, and works with all of those compilers. I have my doubts about MKL working with g77, however. Maybe with gfortran, but I haven't heard of it being tried.
If it is a problem with how to configure to build mpich with icc, an mpich forum might be of more use.

Have you had success running other Fortran programs other than Cluster MKL 7.2.1 with the MPICH that you've built? If so, which Cluster MKL codes hang? If not, then it seems like getting MPI going is the most important priority. You can usually try several different MPI paths- perhaps a slightly different path may be more successful.

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