Passing arrays to DSS routines

Passing arrays to DSS routines

Hi all,

I am attempting to use the DSS interface to the PARDISO sparse matrix solver, and am getting curious results.

My code compiles and links okay, but breaks down when the routines are called. I call the DSS routines in a couple of subroutines I have written, as I need to make multiple calls to the DSS_SOLVE_REAL routine because my code is to compute a time-varying problem. I am concerned that there are issues occurring when I try to pass the data input as arguments to my subroutines on through to the DSS routines. Has anyone had any success with this kind of problem? If so, could they please post some example code fragments, as the ones provided with the MKL are proving useless for my application.



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Can you provide an example that we can look at and try out?


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