mkl installation

mkl installation

I am trying to install mkl in redhat linux. When the tar file is unzipped an exe file 66mb and a lisence file 15mb is obtained. There is not a file named How can I install mkl?

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If you are doing an evaluation then you must run the executable instead of using the script.

Well, I'm also trying to install the mkl7.2 noncommercial version. If I execute the install-binary, just nothing happens. I mean nothing, there isn't even an error message.
I am running a Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS3 on an Itanium2, Kernel 2.4.21-20.EL. Did anybody have similiar problems?


When I look at the contents of the non-commercial Intel MKL package I see two files: install, mkl_license. You should be able to run this by typing './install' (do be sure to specify the path so that you are running what you think you are running). I can't think of any reason why this wouldn't work. You certainly should see some output from the script since a message is printed relatively early in the process.


It was possible under a 32-Bit Linux, but under the system described above definitely not. I don't know whether the ./install is intended only for 32-bit resp. where to get a 64-bit version. But with that 'detour' I used it works.

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