MKL 7.0 with AMD Athlon

MKL 7.0 with AMD Athlon

I just installed Intel MKL 7.0 libraries and Intel Fortran Compiler 8 for Linux on an AMD machine. When I run a simple program, which uses the LAPACK band matrix solver (?gbsv), I get an error:
forrtl: severe (168): Program Exception - illegal instruction
Image PC Routine Line Source
a.out 0804B078 Unknown Unknown Unknown
a.out 4009CEA0 Unknown Unknown Unknown
a.out 0804AF41 Unknown Unknown Unknown
If I try to run the same program (the same compiled file) on an Intel Pentium 4 machine, everything works fine. I use static linking of the MKL libraries.

Thank you for help

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Athlon doesn't support SSE2 instructions, which the P4 library would be using. Most Athlons support SSE, and should work best with the P3 library, if there still is one in the MKL you have chosen. If you have allowed MKL to make its own choice, it should pick the generic library, which should work on all Athlons.

I just installed MKL 7.0 using its installer, compiled the code with no specific options and I got the problem described in my message. So I haven't chosen any specific processor architecture. I think MKL should choose the processor specific code at runtime, as it is written on the web.

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