I am developing software which uses the MKL 7.0 DLLs. I would like to deploy the MKL DLLs to an install directory

C:Program FilesMyCompanyMKL70in

My application which uses the MKL BLAS is to be located at

C:Program FilesMyCompanySLV31in

My understanding is that upon the first call to BLAS, the Intel MKL code will determine the correct MKL DLL to load and attempt to load it. This works fine on my development machine because I have the full Intel MKL 7.0 package installed. For my application's install, I would like to just deploy the MKL DLLs to a standard directory

Is there something I need to add the the registry to allow the Intel code to find the MKL DLLs from my application?



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It's my understanding that the user running your application simply needs to have

C:Program FilesMyCompanyMKL70in

appended to their PATH environment variable. The reason everything works fine on your development machine is that either you've appended the directory containing MKL DLLs to your PATH environment variable or you had the install program do it for you during MKL installation.

I'm not an expert on install programs. Perhaps the installation sw would make this environment change through the registry, but I don't believe the MKL install does it this way (I'll check). The important result is the the MKL DLLs be on the path. Anyone else on the list know more about this than I do?


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