Installation Cluster MKL without RPM

Installation Cluster MKL without RPM


I have a questions.
1)Is it possible to install Cluster MKL without RPM? Even more, without root permissions.
2) Is evaluation version of Cluster MKL include libraries for Itanium2 ?

I want to evaluate it on Itanium2 machine from SGI. Currently there is MKL 6 on this system. But I have couple of "ghost" problems with couple of codes, which use BLACS and SCALAPACK (around 64-bit/32-bit alignement). I hope it could be solved with Cluster MKL, which include these libraries from Intel. And before I'll ask support stuff to buy it, I want to be sure that it will solve some problems with my code.

Anton Starikov.

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[1] You can install Intel Cluster MKL without RPM, but you will need rpm2cpio. The RPM is available from support upon request.
[2]Yes, the evaluation version of Intel Cluster MKL has full functionality and does contain libraries for Intel Itanium 2 processors.


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