Intel MKL 7.0 crashes Microsoft Excel 2000

Intel MKL 7.0 crashes Microsoft Excel 2000

Hello all!

I should start saying I am a new user of Intel MKL 7.0.

I am trying to create a dll (callable from Microsoft Excel 2000) that exports a function called func_pow_MKL. This function makes a call to one of the functions inside VML library, namely vdPowx.

Well, this is the implementation:

#include "mkl_vml.h"

double _stdcall func_pow_MKL(double x, double y) {

double arr1[1];

double arr2[1];

arr1[0] = x;

vdPowx(1, arr1, y, arr2);

return arr2[0];


I am using Visual Studio 6.0 on a machine with Windows 2000 operating system.

The Visual C++ project links to mkl_s.lib library. Also, I have included MKL_VML_STDCALL preprocessor identifier.

In an Excel Workbook, I have the following function declaration (in the VBA code):

Public Declare Function func_pow_MKL _

Lib "MKL_Test.dll" _

(ByVal x As Double, ByVal y As Double) As Double

The problem I have is Excel crashes every time I call func_pow_MKL function. While trying to debug my function I noticed that func_pow_MKL crashes whenever vdPowx(1, arr1, y, arr2); line is executed.

If I create a Win32 Console application (i.e. a simple exe program) func_pow_MKL works as expected. Also, if I comment vdPowx(1, arr1, y, arr2); line, Excel does not crash.

Any suggestions in how to use Intel MKL when implementing functions that are going to be used in Microsoft Excel?

Just in case, I have attached the Excel Workbook "MKL Test Wkbook.xls", as well as the files used in creating my test dll (MKL_TEST.dll). Change cell C6 (from MKL Test Wkbook.xls!Sheet1) to "=func_pow_MKL(C3,C4)" and you will get a beautiful Excel.exe - Application error message box... (however, before you try this, inside "MKL Test Wkbook.xls" vba's code, update "C:YourFolderHereMKL_Test.dll" to the proper path...)


Manuel C.

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There is a known limitation in regard to building customer dlls based on MKL VML library (see ..IntelMKL70mklnotes.htm):

The creation of custom VSL and VML DLLs from static libraries is not currently supported due to thread local storage (TLS) section initialization requirements.

Thesolution to the problem reported inside "Intel MKL 7.0 crashes Microsoft Excel 2000" messageistolink the project to mkl_c_dll.lib library.

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