MKL on AMD Athlon

MKL on AMD Athlon

Upon purchase of the MKL, the system requirements implied that the MKL would work correctly on the AMD Athlon chip. I have been getting odd results, however, with a given piece of code on the Athlon architecture.

Is the MKL, officially or otherwise, supported on the AMD Athlon?

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You are correct.MKL is designed to run on all Intel architecture compatible systems - which includes AMD* Athlon* based systems. However, we have only optimized and tested the code for Intel architecture based systems. If you have found a problem with a function not working properly, then please report it to Intel premier support because itmay be abug.

What kind of 'odd results' are you seeing? Is it producing incorrect results? Please explain.


I have compiled my application to dynamically select the appropriate DLL at run time. That is I link against mkl_c_dll.lib, and then distribute the mkl_p3.dll and mkl_p4.dll files with my application. THis works fine for all Intel brand P3 and P4 chips, but it is failing in some cases on the Athlon. When using the dynamic dispatch technique, which MKL DLL is bound when running on the Athlon chip?

Much appreciated

The mkl_def.dll is bound when running on an Athlon chip.

As Todd mentioned, the automatic dispatch would choose the mkl_def.dll, which uses no SSE or SSE2 code. mkl_p4.dll would be of no use for Athlon, unless you happened to select only functions which are the same as mkl_p3.dll. Most Athlons ought to run OK, if you were able to force selection of mkl_p3.dll, but there is no way for the automatic dispatch to distinguish between the usual Athlons and those which could run only mkl_def.dll.

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