Visual studio project

Visual studio project

Hi, Does there exist an example of a configured Visual Studio solution or project which links with MKL ? Thanks, Bart

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There are no examples of use with of a configured Visual Studio solution or project currently provided with MKL There are guidelines for setting up your project at

What added benefits would an example provide

Do you see added benefits to having an example in addition to the material above? Did it answer your question?

Would anyone else like to share their examples of using MKL from Visual Studio?


Sorry for getting back to an old question. I am not a professional programmer but have to do it occasionally. I was trying to use Lapack from Visual C++. My question is how to declare a two dimensional array in C++ so that it is correctly passed to Fortran. A simple example of a call of a Lapack function would help tremendously.
Thanks, Dmitri

I do not understand why this old (from 2004) thread has become active now!

Your question is not really appropriate in this thread, but please have a look at a recent thread: . You may either initialize your two dimensional array with the transpose of the matrix or, if the particular Lapack routine to be called allows the transpose to be specified, choose to do so.

>>...I do not understand why this old (from 2004) thread has become active now!

Mecej4, That issue was reported some time ago and IDZ software developers know about it. Today I spent at least 10 minutes to look at all these older threads ( 2004, 2005, etc years ) on several IDZ forums.


Just add one,

I had uploaded a lapack function call example in

Which include  zgesvd call  ( c++ call fortran ) 


lapacke_zgesvd call  ( MKL also provide C interface of lapack, which allow C++ developer to use lapack easily).

Best Regards,


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