Re-linking requirements

Re-linking requirements

When upgrading from one minor MKL release to another (i.e. from w_mkl_p_6.1.007 to w_mkl_u_6.1.009) what is the requirement of the user regarding re-linking their app if they use the dynamic MKL libraries?

Is re-linking required, recommended, or can new dynamic MKL libs simply be used without re-linking?

I assume, but didn't find it stated explicitly but may have missed it, when upgrading from MKL 6.0 to 6.1, that does require re-linking when using dynamic MKL libraries. Any clarification here is also appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the information.

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You should be able to use the new dynamic libaries without re-linking between w_mkl_p_6.1.007 and w_mkl_u_6.1.009 because the only changes there were to the installation script.

The question between Intel MKL 6.0 and Intel MKL 6.1 is more interesting. Re-linking would be recommended if you wanted to take advantage of new dispatcher features, but I don't see that those were added between these releases. Perhaps Bruce can comment on this.

In general you should not have to relink but simply make certain the new DLLs are on the search path. As long as the DLL names have not changed this will work well.

As Wendy had pointed out, however, the older interfaces cannot anticipate the later processor support, but beyond that everything should be OK.


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