7.0 beta: where to download?

7.0 beta: where to download?

the subject already says it all: i am too stupid to find the download location for the beta version of the mkl 7.0.

yes, i have registered for mkl. yes, i have a licence file (in fact, in the meantime i have several ones, because of myrepeated tries). yes, i was in premier support. but from there i was redirected to the web-page of mkl-beta, and from there back to premier support...

probably i overlooked sth., but sometimes the intel support is imhosomewhat "oversecure" (regularchange of pw, very strict criterions for pw, several identify question (whichare never used), regular failure of my browser to display pages during login and so forth.

maybe someone can give me a hint?

best regards,

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If you received an e-mail invitation associated with your premier account, you should find the download notices under What's New when you log in to premier with that account. Otherwise, you might try enrolling from:


strange, i still didn't find the dl.

in premier support, under "what's new" there is a link to a web page, which doesn't work in my browser: same address which you mentioned, but with />>> at the end.
under the "file downloads" section in premier supp. i don't see any new files, only updates for version 6.

if i manually go to the www page you gave, i can register for the beta program, which results after step 3 in a mail with a license file.

but i have a clue, what's the reason i don't see the download: in the mail there is noted that i should select "Beta Intel MKL for Windows*", "Beta Intel MKL for Linux*" under product in file downloads (prem. supp.): i don't have this item, only "Intel MKL for Windows" is available. maybe that's the problem?

thanks again, markus

This may be one of those which don't become available for you to download until after you have received your e-mail acknowledgement. The premier site appears to be having difficulties today. I don't find the beta in my download list, it would seem that it should appear under File Downloads>Beta Intel MKL...


The Intel MKL 7.0 beta is available in at premier.intel.com (I just checked). The product name is "Beta Intel MKL for Windows*" or Beta Intel MKL for Windows*". It does take up to an hour for the product to show up on your premier.intel.com account after you register. I know you have been working with Wendy R. on troubleshooting this and I will let her know you are still having difficulty.


I just checked and do not see an issue from you at premier.intel.com. If you could give me the issue # I will look into it or submit a new issue for it using Intel MKL 6.1. I have looked up in the registration center and you are not registered for Intel MKL 7.0 yet, so this is probably the source of your problems not being able to see it at premier.intel.com.

Hello Wendy!

I didn't post an issue for this problem. I don't know, why you thought so.

I don't understand this registration thing for a beta product. I received an email with the beginning "Thank you for registering for the Intel Math Kernel Library for Windows* and Linux* Beta program". So I assumed I was already registered. I know that I can register new products at my premier support account, but I think BETA products don't have a serial number?

What do I have to do to get really registered?


PS: I think we should shift this communication away from the forum, since it's probably not of interest for others. Should I post an issue?

Our receipt of the e-mail acknowledgement indicates that we have done our part in the registration process. Clearly, something is amiss in the fulfillment. Someone else no doubt has filed their own QuAD issues on this.


Yes lets take this off the board. Please file an issue at premier.intel.com so that I can email you.

I have checked and no one else is has filed this problem at premier.intel.com. When we have a new product it often brings up registration center anomalies(double accounts, old email addresses) it is best to contact us so we can work with your to resolve them.


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