Intel MKL v7.0 Beta?

Intel MKL v7.0 Beta?


Rumor has it that there is a version 7.0 Beta of the MKL library that includes SCALAPACK... is this true?


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Message Edited by scotthudson on 12-23-2003 08:28 AM

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Scott - This is a good rumor. There has been an alpha release of MKL 7.0 available for some time but we wanted a small number of users of that software to make sure we could adequately deal with issues that might arise. The beta version, which is slated for early January, will be open.Some of theimportant aspects to ScaLAPACK is ease of use, we have dealt with some of the difficulties of using the software with more than one compiler (works with Gnu and Intel compilers), and some performance enhancements with dense factorizations (pdgetrf).

You sound interested in using this package. What kind of application will you use it in and what functionality from ScaLAPACK do you need? Are there particular routines in ScaLAPACK you would like to see optimized, where more performance, better use of the processors, more effective communications would be valuable to you?


I am interested in using the ScaLaPack for factoring and solving dense symmetric indefinite matrixs which are too large for to solve in-core. The process should should be able to complete this with one or more processors compiled under Visual Studio v6.0 in 32 Windows.



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