intel mkl---Error LNK2005

intel mkl---Error LNK2005

I used a function named ZGEHRD of Intel MKL to solve a matrix's eigvalues, and I also added mkl_c.lib to my project, but the visual .net 2003 always says:

mkl_ia32.lib(p4_zgemm_omp.obj) : error LNK2005: ___zgemm_259__par_loop1 has been already defined in mkl_ia32.lib(p3_zgemm_omp.obj). and so on.

would anyone help me?

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I am not familiar with using MKL, but it sounds as if you have asked to link in two variations of MKL at the same time. I suggest you check the MKL documentation to see which libraries you're supposed to use.


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I have used the beta MKL. There are at least three libraries: a static one for C; a static one for Fortran; a DLL for both, I guess; I know nothing about DLL's except their existence and general nature, which already about 10 times more than I desire to know :).
You obviously need to link with the appropriate one. I think the name of the C version ends in (surprise) "_c" and that of the static fortran in "_s".
(Intentional flame bait provided upon request.)

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