MKL Sparse BLAS: different MKL_INT types?

MKL Sparse BLAS: different MKL_INT types?

On my platform, the MKL_INT macro must yield an integral type that is binary-compatible with a 32-bit signed int, or 64-bit signed int if I link with the ILP64 libraries [MKL doc
1) Is there a way to call into both the LP64 and ILP64 versions of MKL Sparse BLAS routines like mkl_dcsrmv(), from the same C++ program?
2) In future releases, would the MKL developers consider allowing users to redefine MKL_INT to different integral types? In my use-case, I have many small sparse matrices whose indices can be represented by 8- and 16-bit integers, so there's potential 2-to-8-fold memory footprint savings (w.r.t. indexing data) versus using the MKL defaults.Thanks! --Nick

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Hi, these are interesting questions. Please give me a little time to research it with the MKL engineering team. I'd like to get a definitive answer on the feasibility of #2. It may help me with a great answer to question #1.

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