PARDISO value change

PARDISO value change

Hello. In my last code , i experienced an unusual problem with PARDISO. When i initialize PARDISO and doing the reordering step, a value of another variable changes from 0.9982943 for example to 1E-316. This variable doesnt enter in the same subroutine with the Reordering step, to avoid these memory leaks. But the problem still occurs. When i compile my source code with GNU all works perfect. But when i am using Intel compiler the problem occurs. It will be a pleasure if someone can give any suggestions. 


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Do you check the input data for these cases? are these data valid?
How about conditional number of this input?
Can you give the example when the problem occurs with icc and disapear with icc compiled example?
MKL version?
- please check if the problem persists with sequential version.

I have used the -check all debugging option. The conditional number is ok. I have used all the MKL versions till 2011sp1.7.11. The problem also occurs with sequential version in the case of ifort. I am running the same code on GNU(gfortran) using similar debugging options (or without them) and all works perfectly.

if the probelm came from within mkl routine then it doesn't matter what compiler's option did you use.
in that case - pls give us the test case for reporducing the problm on our side. We also check the provlem with the latest 11.0 which we planning to release soon.

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